Business payments

Find out how to pay your business bills.

Pay your business bill

For small to medium businesses, you can check your account balance and pay your bill by going to My Account and selecting 'Make a payment'.

For large business or multi-site customers, you can make a payment and learn more on Ways to pay your bill.

Types of business customers

Small to medium business is one that spends less than $30,000 (GST incl.) annually on electricity or $50,000 (GST incl.) on gas.

Large and multi-site business is one that spends more than this or has more than 10 sites.

Request more time to pay

We offer a range of options to support your business needs. If you need a bit more time to pay a business energy bill, you may be eligible for a payment extension. This can be arranged online at Payment assistance in My Account.

If you're not eligible to complete this online or you'd like more help, contact us.

For large business or multi-site customers, get in touch with your relationship manager.

Credits and refunds

Normally a credit applied to your account will stay in the account and offset against the next bill that's issued.

Learn how to refund a credit amount for small to medium business accounts, go to Request a credit refund.

For large business or multi-site customers, you'll need to raise a ticket with your relationship manager. Refunds can take up to 4 weeks to be processed - if you haven't received it in that time contact our commercial recovery team on 1800 813 140.

Payments sent to the wrong account

If you've sent a payment to the wrong business account, we may be able to transfer it to the correct account. Contact us as soon as possible with proof of payment and the account details where you'd like the funds transferred.

Remittance advice

If you need to provide us with remittance advice, this can be emailed to us at

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Need support?


Large, commercial, industrial and multi-site customers, email us at

Send email

For small to medium business customers, we’re here anytime.

Call 133 835

For large, commercial, industrial and multi-site customers, we're here Monday–Friday, 9 am–5 pm AEST/AEDT.

Call 1300 793 477
More ways to get support

For interpreter services and services for hearing and impaired and overseas customers, visit Contact Us. Please note overseas customers are only able to message us or use chat for assistance.