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Understand your business energy bill

Learn how to read and understand your bills and usage for your business energy connections.

Your business bills

To understand your bills or learn where to find particular details, you can view sample bill PDFs at Read your energy bill.

Collectively-billed business customers are customers that have 10-200 site locations. These customers can elect to have their usage collectively billed.

Your collective bill explained (PDF)

For larger business customers, you can view our Large business invoice explainers.

Types of business customers

Small to medium business is one that spends less than $30,000 (incl GST) annually on electricity or $50,000 (incl GST) on gas.

Large and multi-site business is one that spends more than this or has more than 10 sites.

Manage your energy account online

For small to medium businesses, you'll be able to manage your account including accessing and paying your bills using My Account.

Large businesses or those with multiple sites can access their invoices and manage their account using AGL for Business.

Higher than usual bills

If you've received a business bill that's higher than expected, it may be due to your bill being estimated (see below). If your bill isn't estimated and there hasn't been any recent rate or charge increases, you can view the tariff assigned to your meter on your bill or arrange a tariff analysis by contacting our team.

For more information on what could be causing high bills, go to Unexpected high bill.

Estimated bills

If we're unable to get an actual read of your meter, we'll send you an estimated bill. This may be because the meter is behind a locked gate, protected by guard dogs or it was otherwise inaccessible.

Estimated bills are based on past energy usage which takes into account seasonal factors. When historical usage information isn't available, estimates will be based on the average energy usage of similar customers in the geographic region over the same period.

If you've received an estimated bill, your next actual meter-read bill will correct any discrepancy in your usage and what you've paid for on your estimated bill. This may mean that your next bill will be more or less expensive than expected.

You can find out if your bill is estimated by looking for 'Reading Type' or 'Current Reading' on page 2 of your bill.

Missing business bill

If you normally receive your bills by mail and it hasn't arrived, you'll be able to download your bill in My Account. For larger businesses you can access your invoice in AGL for Business.

If you've moved address, you'll need to update your billing address.

You can turn on eBilling and have your bills delivered online by going to My Account, selecting your name, then 'Account Settings'. From here go down to 'Bill Notifications' and follow the prompts.

You can also update your mailing or billing address in My Account. 

  1. Log in to My Account, select your name in the top right corner and select 'Profile'.
  2. In the 'Personal Details' tab go to 'Mailing address' and select 'Chat'.
  3. The chat window will open, and our Virtual Assistant will help you update your mailing address.

You can update your billing method or mailing address get in touch with your relationship manager.

Energy insights and business profile

To ensure that our information on 'Ways to save' is accurate, we'll use the information based on your business profile. This is then compared with similar businesses to help provide you with more accurate information. You can learn more on Energy insights.

Demand agreements

If your large business is paying for high demand by mistake, you can request a demand reset or check if there's a contract demand agreement with your business and the distributor.

More information

For small to medium business, you'll find more information on Read your bill - or message us in My Account.

For large businesses, you can find out more information or request an adjustment by getting in touch with your relationship manager.

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