AGL's life support program

If someone in your household has life support equipment, it’s important to let us know.

131 245

It’s important to plan for unexpected energy outages and register your life support machine with us by calling 131 245.

By registering your home as requiring a continuous energy supply, we’ll ensure that you’re kept up to date on any planned energy supply interruptions. You’ll receive life support protections, including at least four business days’ prior written notice of retailer or distributor planned outages as well as other restrictions on disconnecting power to your home.

Depending on your state, eligible life support equipment can include:

  • Enteral feeding pump
  • External heart pump
  • Home dialysis machine
  • Oxygen concentrator
  • Phototherapy equipment
  • Positive Airways Pressure device (PAP)
  • Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN) pump
  • Ventilators for life support
  • Power wheelchair – for quadriplegics
  • Other equipment required for life support – as specified by a medical practitioner

Get in contact with us to discuss eligible life support equipment and to register it with us.

If you’ve already registered with your distributor, they’ll let us know. Otherwise, please follow the steps below under 'What do I need to do' to register your life support equipment with AGL.

What do I need to do?
  1. Give us a call on 131 245 to let us know that you have life support equipment to be registered.
  2. We’ll send you a medical confirmation form via post or email with a link to the form, outlining details about our life support program. We’ll include information to help you prepare an emergency action plan so you can be prepared in case of an unplanned energy supply outage. We’ll also apply temporary life support protection to your account to give you time to have the form completed by your medical practitioner and returned to us by the due date.
  3. Have your medical practitioner complete and sign the relevant section of your form.
  4. Return your form to us by the due date included in your letter to the following address:
    AGL Life Support
    Reply Paid 84146
    Melbourne VIC 8001

Once we've processed your form, we'll send you a confirmation letter or email, depending on what your preference is to receive important notices from us.

131 245
Staying registered

If you move to a new house or change energy retailers, you’ll need to complete a new medical confirmation form either with us or your new retailer. It’s important to let us know of any changes, including if you no longer need your equipment registered.

Planning for outages

It's important when you have life support equipment at your home to be prepared in the event of an energy outage—especially an unexpected one. Having an action plan ensures that everyone in your household is prepared and knows what to do.

Things you need to consider:

  1. Prepare a plan of action so you can follow it in an outage. Our information for households flyer has useful information to help you.
  2. Keep the AGL and your energy distributor’s emergency phone numbers somewhere easy to find, like the front of your fridge. That way you’ll find them easily in the event of an outage. You can use our distributor search tool if you’re unsure who your distributor is.
  3. If your home loses energy unexpectedly and you or someone in your household is totally dependent on life support equipment, follow your action plan and call 000 if you require emergency medical assistance.
NSW Government Life Support Rebate

The NSW State Government offers a Life Support Rebate to customers with eligible Registered Life Support Equipment. You don’t need to be a concession card holder to be eligible, but you do need to re-apply for the rebate every two years. You’ll receive a reminder when it’s time to re-apply and an application form. More information is available on our concessions page.


I’ve received lots of correspondence and forms to complete, why do I keep receiving so many copies?

Our customers are important to us so we will follow up until we have confirmed details of your registration or until the due date in the letters or emails we've sent you. Because the temporary life support protections expire if we haven't received your completed medical confirmation form by the due date, we'll keep sending you reminders to complete your forms. If you no longer require Life Support Equipment to be registered let us know and we'll update our records.

I don’t have enough time to visit my doctor to get the form signed before the due date, what can I do?

You can contact us to ask for an extension for your Life Support Equipment registration.

What happens to my Life Support registration if I move to a new house?

Your registration is specific to your current address, if you move to a new house you'll need to contact us to re-apply to have your  Life Support Equipment registered at your new address.

What happens to my Life Support registration if I’m no longer with AGL?

If you've registered your requirement for Life Support Equipment with us, your registration will cease and you'll need to apply to have your Life Support Equipment registered with your new retailer. If you've registered with your distributor, they'll let your new retailer know.

I don’t need Life Support Equipment registered any more. What do I do?

Contact us and we will update your account. We'll send you a confirmation letter to confirm when the Life Support registration is being de-registered from your account and a also a final confirmation once this has happened.

Am I eligible for a concession on my energy bill for my Life Support Equipment?

In some states there are concessions and rebates for customers with Life Support Equipment, go to Concessions  to see what you may qualify for.

What’s a plan of action for?

If you are completely reliant on your Life Support Equipment, it's important to have a plan to follow if you unexpectedly lose power. Even if your equipment is not in use all the time, having steps to follow, or knowing who to contact for information and assistance can help give you peace of mind.

I already receive a notification when there are outages, how is the Life Support program different?

As a registered Life Support customer, you'll receive 4 business days' prior notice in writing via email or post, by the same method you've asked us to send your bills and other important notices. Currently you receive 4 business days notice, which may not always be in writing to you directly. This is so you can make arrangements and ensure you have time to prepare.

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