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Energy efficiency tips

We hope the following will prove useful to you and your business in working towards a cleaner environment, reducing your bill and improving profitability.

Equipment and staff - your two important energy savers

It's important, to make sure the units you use are designed with energy efficiency in mind and kept in good working order. Of course, how you use that equipment is key as well, and that's where your staff can make a huge difference. Make sure that they're trained in the basics of energy-saving behaviour.

They should know, for example, the importance of switching off (leaving appliances switched on when they're not in use is the most common cause of unnecessarily high electricity bills). In addition, supervisors and operators should be trained to make sure the settings of appliances and lighting levels are reduced where appropriate.

Remember, we're here to help. For expert answers to any further questions you may have, talk to the AGL Energy Advisory at 1300 793 477.


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