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Solar systems

Reduce grid consumption and start making real progress towards your business’s net zero targets with AGL and the renewable power of the sun. 

With many options to get you started or optimised, we’re excited about our solar offerings. 

Three workers in high vis inspecting solar panels Installing a solar system helps reduce operating costs and lower your carbon footprint

Solutions to suit your situation

An AGL solar system means end-to-end support from designing and constructing a system, to grid connection, approvals, application for available incentives and even monitoring and maintenance. Our experts have you covered and supported from small bank branch rooftops to systems the size of several football fields.

Birds-eye view of a substantial solar farm on a sunny day Incorporating renewable energy options

Go solar in six steps

1. Initial chat 

We discuss site factors, pricing and use your energy consumption profile to match your decarbonisation ambitions. 

2. Solar solution

We analyse your relevant site information such as electrical switchboards, consumption data and energy use.

3. Your quote 

Our experts discuss your formal proposal, covering details including costs, process and contract terms.

4. Design and installation

A complete solution with detailed design, coordinating approvals, developing safety plans, procuring equipment and performing installation and commissioning.

5. Grid connection and handover

We coordinate grid connection with the network, provide training and handover documents.

6. Ongoing support 

Our Operations, Monitoring and Maintenance program involves monitoring performance, undertaking preventative maintenance and issuing alerts in case of any issues.

Australia’s no. 1 solar installer

We’re proud to be Australia’s largest commercial solar installer as named by SunWiz in the Executive Insights Report: Jan 2024 - Top 20 Commercial Retailers (15–100kW and 100kW-5MW, 2023)*

AGL #1 solar installer commercial Sunwiz Award 2023 AGL #1 solar installer commercial Sunwiz Award 2023

Solar savings with no upfront costs

Solar energy is a great way to reduce operating costs, but it’s not always easy to pay for a solar system upfront. We’ve introduced the Solar Smart Plan, which is also known as a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Under this arrangement, AGL will install a solar system on your roof at no upfront cost to you, and you simply pay for the energy produced by the system. In many cases, the PPA tariff will be less than what you currently pay for your daytime electricity.

A lady with grey hair standing in an office looking at a tablet in her hands AGL’s solar Smart Plan allows you to reap the benefits of solar savings with no upfront costs

Optimise your solar

Start a conversation with one of our energy experts to see where you can further optimise your energy.

*By market share, SunWiz Executive Insights Report: Jan 2024 - Top 20 Commercial Retailers (15–100kW and 100kW-5MW, 2023)*