We will take key information from the electricity bill you upload, including your usage, tariff type, solar inputs and current discounts, and estimate whether you could have saved with an AGL electricity plan. This is not an estimate of future savings. The amount of any future electricity bill will depend on the tariff and your usage.

Some important things to be aware of:

  • This estimate is based on AGL’s current electricity rates. AGL varies its rates from time to time, typically once a year (in January in Victoria and in July in NSW, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia) and the rates that applied during your billing period may have been different. You may also want to check whether your current retailer’s rates have changed since the relevant billing period.
  • This comparison uses the tariff information included on the bill you have uploaded. If this tariff information is incorrect, the AGL rates that apply to you may be different to the rates that have been used for this comparison. We will advise you in writing of any changes to your rates.
  • This comparison does not include all information included on the bill you uploaded, and specifically excludes:
  • Fees and once-off charges;
  • Once-off credits and benefits;
  • Bill adjustments;
  • Concessions in Victoria;
  • Green charges;
  • Demand charges; and
  • AGL Double-up Discounts.
  • If your bill includes a government and/or retailer solar feed-in tariff, the estimate will apply the current, equivalent AGL government and/or retailer solar feed-in tariff. We will reassess your eligibility for any government feed-in tariffs if you switch to AGL.
  • This estimate does not take into account any exit fees that your current provider may charge if you exit your contract before expiry.
  • Not all electricity rates applicable under the AGL electricity plan may appear in this comparison (for example if different rates apply based on usage or the time of year). To see AGL’s rates and key fees, view our Basic Plan Information Documents.