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Strategic Partnerships

The Smith Family

logo-the-smith-family1The Smith Family is a national, independent charity supporting young Australians in need to get the most out of their education, so they can create better futures for themselves. The Smith Family believes that education is the key to changing lives, and every child deserves a chance to reach their potential. As research has shown, supporting a child's education is one of the most effective means to help break the cycle of disadvantage.

More about our partnership with The Smith Family

AGL is embarking on a six year partnership with The Smith Family to support the education of 340 children from disadvantaged backgrounds across Australia through the Learning for Life program.

The Smith Family's Learning for Life program supports children and young people in need all the way through their education, from primary school to senior school, and on to tertiary studies if they choose. This holistic, long term support gives young Australians the assistance they need to develop vital life skills, stay engaged in their education and have the best chance to realise their potential.

Primary School Energy Savings Module

AGL and The Smith Family are developing a Primary School education module focussed on tips to save energy around the home, providing another opportunity to support children's education, empowering them with the potential to become advocates within their own homes and informed consumers in the future.

Partnering in Research

We're also proud to support The Smith Family with further research and longitudinal tracking to help build a better picture of where the Learning for Life program recipients end up in their journey into the workforce or further education.

This will assist The Smith Family in measuring the outcomes of the Learning for Life program - a priority we both share in developing and implementing effective, evidence-based programs.

The Smith Family's Chief Executive Dr Lisa O'Brien welcomes AGL's support and its extensive research to identify communities experiencing financial hardship.

"We know that when parents are struggling financially, it leads to difficult decisions about whether to send a child on a school camp or excursion, or extra-curricular activities. When children miss out on school activities and don't feel they fit in, it can have a long-term impact on their education," Dr O'Brien said.

"We welcome research by AGL to help identify communities experiencing this type of hardship and the steps the company is taking to work with charities that are supporting children and families in need in those communities."

AGL recognises that energy costs can be a cumulative financial stressor to those in financial hardship. We share The Smith Family's belief that education has the power to transform lives and break this cycle of disadvantage and are proud to partner with The Smith Family to support this groundbreaking program.

St Vincent de Paul Society

logo-vinnies2The St Vincent de Paul Society is a national volunteer-based charity whose members reach out to the most marginalised and vulnerable people in our community. The Society supports individuals and families experiencing hardship through crisis accommodation services, shopfront centres, home visitation programs, soup vans and a variety of programs including immediate financial relief for those in crisis, budget counselling, aged care facilities, homelessness programs and disability services.

More about our partnership with St Vincent de Paul Society

Financial and non-financial support through the Home Visitation Program

Over five years AGL will invest over $1.5 million to support the St Vincent de Paul Society's dedicated members and volunteers to deliver direct financial and non-financial support to people in regions identified as "at risk of hardship". This support could be in the form of alternate accommodation, food vouchers and hampers, electricity and water bill payments, education, prescription medicine or transportation expenses. This essential support aims to relieve the burden of many families facing homelessness, showing them that somebody does care and that there is hope for a better future.

Energy Savings Advice Packs

AGL has also committed to work with the St Vincent de Paul Society to develop an ‘Energy Advice Pack’ containing information and advice for households about available support, retailer hardship programs and simple tips to save energy around the home. Importantly, AGL will also offer training to St Vincent de Paul members and volunteers where appropriate to build capacity and knowledge around the provision of advice and support to households around their energy use.

Cancer Council

CancercouncilAs Australia's peak national non-government cancer control organisation, Cancer Council's vision is to minimise the threat of cancer to all Australians through successful prevention, best treatment and supportive care. One in two Australians will be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85 and one in three cancers are preventable.

More about our partnership with the Cancer Council

AGL is embarking on a six year partnership with Cancer Council to fund the Financial Assistance Program. Through the Program, families affected by cancer can apply for a one off grant from Cancer Council to cover necessary living costs.

As has been highlighted by a number of community organisations, it is not necessarily low incomes alone which define whether a family is in hardship. Responding to unforeseen situations like a cancer diagnosis can affect the financial position of many households.

Emergency funding is provided while an application for government funds is reviewed. Expense assistance can be directed toward necessary living costs like utility bills, groceries, accommodation car insurance /registration and more. AGL will provide funding support to the Cancer Council over six years from 2012 to contribute to the costs of operating the Financial Assistance Program.

Julian Burton Burns Trust

logo-burns-trust1The Julian Burton Burns Trust is Australia's leading non-profit organisation dedicated to burn injury. They are committed to influencing social change to reduce the incidence and impact of burn injury.

More about our partnership with Julian Burton Burns Trust

As an electricity and gas retailer, we believe we have a responsibility to promote safety around the workplace and around the home.

Research from the Bi National Burn Registry has demonstrated scalding from hot water is one of the most common causes of burns around the home.

AGL is partnering with the Burns Trust to support the targeting of burn prevention and education through South Australia's BurnSafe Schools Program.

The BurnSafe schools program has been designed to educate students and their families about the incidence of burn injury, prevention strategies and first aid.

Reaching over 10,000 primary school students and 20,000 people through community awareness activities across South Australia every year, BurnSafe encourages people to become more aware of the incidence of burn injury, its major causes and how they can reduce the risk, incidence and impact of suffering a burn injury.



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