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30 March 2021 - 2021 Investor Day

11 February 2020 - HY21 Results


8 December 2020 – ASX CEO Connect Virtual Conference

Damien Nicks, AGL’s Chief Financial Officer, presented on AGL’s history, performance, operations and how the Company is transforming. View the full presentation and speech here.

7 October - 2020 Annual General Meeting:

13 August - FY20 Financial Results:

1 June 2020 – progress update on AGL’s Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) reporting

General Manager Corporate Finance, James Hall, provided a run through of the scenario analysis and key assumptions that underpin the modelling undertaken for the FY20 TCFD report, ahead of the report being finalised and released in mid-August.

5 May – 2020 Macquarie Australia Conference: COVID-19 response and business update

Brett Redman, AGL’s CEO & MD, presented an update on AGL’s response to coronavirus and how its affecting AGL’s outlook.
View the full presentation here.

13 February - Interim 2020 Financial Results


30 October - 2019 Investor Day:

19 September - 2019 Annual General Meeting:

8 August - FY19 Financial Results:

30 April - 2019 Macquarie Australia Conference: Growth in transition
Brett Redman, AGL's CEO & MD, recently presented "Growth in transition" at the 2019 Macquarie Australia Conference. View the full presentation here.

11 April - Taylor Collison 2019 East Coast Gas Day: AGL Gas Strategy Update presentation
Phaedra Deckart, AGL’s General Manager, Energy Supply and Origination, recently presented the "AGL Gas Strategy Update" at the Taylor Collison 2019 East Coast Gas conference. View the full presentation here.

15 February - Q&A Session with CEO & MD Brett Redman and Interim CFO, Damien Nicks
Watch the live shareholder question and answer session with CEO, Brett Redman and Interim CFO, Damien Nicks here.

7 February - Interim 2019 Financial Results:


4 December - Macquarie Battery Conference
Dominique Van Den Berg, AGL’s General Manager, Portfolio Growth, presented "The role of batteries in a transitioning energy systems" to the Macquarie Battery Conference. View the presentation here.

23 October - AGL Loy Yang Tour Introduction
The AGL Loy Yang Site Visit Introduction was held at the AGL Learning Centre in Loy Yang on Tuesday the 23rd October. Watch the webcast or view the presentation below:

22 October - AGL Electricity Knowledge Course
The AGL Electricity Knowledge Course was held at AGL Melbourne on Monday the 22nd October 2018. Watch the webcast or view the presentation below:

26 September - 2018 Annual General Meeting:

13 September - Q&A Session with Interim CFO, Damien Nicks

Watch the live shareholder question and answer session with Interim CFO, Damien Nicks here.

9 August - FY18 Financial Results:

8 February - Interim 2018 Financial Results:

9 May - Australian Energy Week Presentation: Investing in the future presentation
AGL’s CFO Brett Redman, presented "Investing in the future: How AGL is using innovation in financing models to help drive investment in new energy supply" at Australian Energy Week. View the presentation here.

Archived webcasts and presentations

2010 - 2016


14 November:

21 June - AGL's CFO Brett Redman's CEDA NSW Energy Series presentation

13 May - Video: AGL Chairman Jerry Maycock on board governance

13 May - Video: AGL Director Belinda Hutchinson on investment portfolio

6 May:


6 July - Investor conference call on Upstream Gas Review

26 - 27 May:


20 August - Macquarie generation acquisition


31 May - Energy market update with Merchant Energy

21 May - Camden Gas Project open day

2 May - Macquarie Australia Conference


4 May - Macquarie Equities Conference


15 December - NSW Electricity: organic growth to deliver higher shareholder returns

25 October - Upstream gas strategy overview

September - JPMorgan NY Conference: Renewable energy fuels growth opportunities

5 May - Macquarie Conference: Renewable energy policies set for growth 

3 May - Clean Energy Council Annual Conference: The importance of reforming the renewable energy target

29 April - UBS: Australian Utilities Conference