Reporting and Annual General Meeting





  8 February

 Interim results announcement                                                             

  23 February

 Record date of interim dividend

  26 February

 Record date of interim DRP

  26 March

 Payment date of interim dividend 

 9 August

 Full-year results announcement

 23 August

 Record date of final dividend

 24 August

 Record date of final DRP

 21 September

 Payment date of final dividend 

 26 September

 Annual General Meeting

* The above dates are indicative only and may be subject to change.          

         2018 Interest payments - Subordinated notes (AGLHA)






 28 February

 Record date                                                                                                   

 8 March

 Interest payment date



 31 May

 Record date

 8 June

 Interest payment date



 31 August

 Record date

10 September      

 Interest payment date



 30 November     

 Record date

10 December     

 Interest payment date


For more information refer to the section on Hybrid subordinated notes.