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How we source energy

Tarrone Power Project

Gas turbine plants help support renewable generation as we move away from coal-fired power stations.

Image of gas burning.

Running on gas, the proposed Tarrone Power Station would provide a cleaner source of power that would ultimately assist to reduce reliance on coal-fired power, a long-term aspiration of a cleaner Victorian economy.

Proposed peaking power station

The permitted Tarrone Power Station is initially a 500 to 600 megawatt (and ultimately up to approximately 920 megawatt) gas turbine power station on rural grazing land approximately 35km west of Macarthur, Victoria. Timing for a final investment decision hinges on the supply demand balance of electricity in Victoria, which will be influenced by demand for electricity as well as retirement of existing power stations and construction of new power generation facilities.

AGL has no immediate plans to begin construction on this project. However, should AGL’s generation portfolio requirements change, AGL will undertake consultation with the local community to ensure all stakeholders' views are heard and considered before a commitment is made to commence construction.


The proposed Tarrone Power Station will be constructed and operated inside a 15ha area of the 75ha site. Today the site is used for grazing and we expect this will continue if the project proceeds. The Tarrone site was selected because it’s close to high voltage power lines, gas pipeline and appropriate set-back from nearest residences. The site is also the location where the Macarthur Wind Farm connects to the electricity transmission network.

Project development

Running on gas, the proposed Tarrone Power Station would provide a cleaner source of power that would ultimately assist to reduce reliance on coal-fired power, helping achieve a cleaner Victorian economy.

Gas turbine plants will play an increasingly important role providing firm capacity to back up intermittent renewable generation. As 'peakers', gas-fired power stations are important when demand peaks – particularly during summer months when energy use is high.

Development and consultation

Stakeholder consultation is a very important part of the development process and we want to hear from you.

To fully evaluate how the development will impact the local ecology, landscape, cultural heritage, visual amenity and other environmental factors such as noise and air emissions, AGL has commissioned a comprehensive range of studies. All of the studies have been conducted as part of the regulatory approval process and are available for you via our document library below.

The former Victorian Minister for Planning, Hon. Matthew Guy MP approved the Planning Scheme Amendment for the Power Station. AGL will continue its community consultation process and seek additional approvals and licences required to progress the development. AGL will continue to monitor market conditions prior to making a final investment decision on the proposed station.

Community complaints and enquiries

AGL understands that we don’t always get it right, and we want to be informed when we don’t. If you would like to provide any feedback, good or bad, or simply ask some questions, please feel free to get in touch via the following channels:

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Complaints and Enquiries Hotline

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AGL Community Complaints & Enquiries,
Locked Bag 14120 MCMC,
Melbourne VIC 8001

Learn more  about how we handle general customer complaints on our complaints page.