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Coopers Gap Wind Farm



The Coopers Gap Wind Farm is part of AGL's commitment to build a sustainable energy future for all Australians.

The Coopers Gap Wind Farm is proposed to have a capacity of approximately 460 MW, which would produce around 1,400 GWh of renewable energy, powering more than 240,000 average Australian homes. The renewable energy produced would reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 1,100,000 tonnes annually, which is the equivalent of taking over 320,000 cars off the road.

AGL granted permit to build up to 115 wind turbines at Coopers Gap

In June 2017, AGL announced that it had received a development permit from the Queensland Government to build up to 115 turbines for the Coopers Gap Wind Farm.

Media Release: 1 June 2017


The location for the Coopers Gap Wind Farm Project is 180km north-west of Brisbane near Cooranga North, between Dalby and Kingaroy.  The site will be located on 10 properties near Cooranga North between Dalby and Kingaroy on land which is predominately used for cattle grazing and other farming activities. The wind farm is planned to be connected to a new Powerlink substation along the new Western Downs to Halys 275kV transmission line built by Powerlink.

Map: Coopers Gap Wind Farm Project

Planning Approval Process

The project has now been declared a Coordinated Project by the Office of the Coordinator General. The Office of the Coordinator General put the Terms of Reference on public exhibition and the feedback from the Terms of Reference was used to inform the Environmental Impact Statement for the Coopers Gap Wind Farm. 

For more information about the Terms of Reference and how to provide feedback to the Office of the Coordinator General, please click here.

Environmental Impact Statement

The Environmental Impact Statement for the Coopers Gap Wind Farm is available on the Coopers Gap Downloads page on the AGL website.  


Stakeholder consultation is a very important part of the development process and AGL welcomes feedback and inquiries. Please refer to the contact page by clicking on the left of this page if you have any questions, comments or would simply like a bit more information. Additional information can also be found on the Downloads page.

A wide range of comprehensive studies is being completed to enable evaluation of the impact on ecology, landscape and visual amenity, cultural heritage and other environmental factors such as noise and shadow flicker. All studies will be published and formally exhibited when the assessment report is completed. There will also be the opportunity to make a formal submission on the proposal to the Queensland Minister for Natural Resources, Mines and Energy during the exhibition period.

AGL has established a Community Consultative Committee (CCC) to help strengthen the community engagement process. It provides an opportunity for the community to discuss the proposed wind farm directly with the project team. At these meetings, topic experts are also invited to present the findings of the studies that have been carried out and a range of other topics related to the proposed wind farm. For more information on the CCC, visit the Community Matters page.



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