Tilt Renewables

A landmark partnership created to develop up to 1,000 MW of renewable energy infrastructure.

Helping fund Australia’s energy future

Tilt Renewables is a landmark financing initiative created by AGL. It is an innovative financing initiative designed by AGL to unlock investment in large-scale renewable energy.

The $2-3 billion fund aims to develop and own approximately 1,000 MW in large-scale renewable generation projects, providing opportunity for investors to finance a portfolio of renewable assets, to diversify risk and reduce costs.

Tilt Renewables was established in 2016 through a partnership with QIC, on behalf of its clients the Future Fund and those invested in the QIC Global Infrastructure Fund.

As founding partner, we're proud that through Tilt Renewables we're helping meet Federal Government targets, spur investment in renewable energy, and support Australia's transition to a low-carbon economy.


Latest Tilt Renewables projects

Silverton Wind Farm Project

Construction began in May 2017 with first generation in May 2018. All the of the 58 wind turbines are constructed and commissioned.

Coopers Gap Wind Farm

Upon completion in 2020, the Coopers Gap Wind Farm will be one of Australia's largest wind farms.

Nyngan Solar Plant

The 102 MW solar plant in Nyngan, western New South Wales is expected to generate approximately 230,000 megawatt hours (MWh) of clean, renewable electricity each year.

Broken Hill Solar Plant

Broken Hill Solar Plant was one of two large-scale solar photovoltaic (PV) power plants delivered by AGL in 2015.

Tilt Renewables equity partners

AGL provided $200 million in cornerstone equity while QIC provided $800 million on behalf of its clients, including the Future Fund and QIC Global Infrastructure Fund investors. The balance of funding will be debt raised at a project-by-project level.


We're providing offtake for up to the first seven years, $200 million in cornerstone equity, and new pricing models for purchasing the power and large scale generation certificates (LGCs) produced by the fund.

Beyond this time, we anticipate Tilt Renewables may contract with a range of energy retailers and energy end-users that need to manage their energy and LGC requirements.

We've announced financial close on the sale of the following projects into the fund:

  • The 102 MW Nyngan Solar Plant (NSW)
  • The 53 MW Broken Hill Solar Plant (NSW)
  • The 200 MW Silverton Wind Farm Project (NSW)
  • The 453 MW Coopers Gap Wind Farm Project (QLD)

Tilt Renewables is not focused on a specific renewable technology. However, the fund is expected to invest in projects using only proven renewable technology.

No. We encourage other developers to bring their projects to Tilt Renewables. However, the fund is expected to wholly own any projects that it undertakes.

Every potential project will be assessed on its economic viability and its committed project timelines. This may cover a range of factors, including energy and LGC price forecasts, permits and connection.

Tilt Renewables has its own board of directors. The board makes investment decisions and represent the fund’s investors. If AGL is in a position of conflict, we will be excluded from that investment decision.