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How we source energy

Newcastle Power Station Project

Dual-fired power station in Tomago, NSW.

Aerial view of Newcastle Power Station Project featuring expansive industrial facilities with multiple large, rectangular buildings and cylindrical storage tanks, adjacent to a winding river with vegetated banks, surrounded by a mix of developed and open land, under a clear blue sky.

A 250 MW power station in Tomago, NSW

The proposed gas-fired power station (PDF) in Tomago, NSW in the Newcastle region is consistent with our move to a renewable energy mix. Peaking gas power, like the proposed quick-start gas generation plant at Tomago, can be turned on during peak demand periods or whenever renewables aren't available.


The proposed power station will be located between Old Punt Road and the Pacific Highway, a site close to our existing Newcastle Gas Storage Facility and previously permitted for a power station. The site is within the Port Stephens council area.

Environmental Impact Statement – Amendment Report

We have lodged the Amendment Report for the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) of the Newcastle Power Station Project.

The Amendment Report follows the Submissions Report lodged with the Department of Industry and Environment (DPIE) in April 2020. This Amendment Report has received input from construction tenders and has been prepared in consultation with agencies and stakeholders. It also provides further environmental assessments and responds to requests for information that were received from several Public Authorities by DPIE in May 2020.

Please feel free to review the Newcastle Power Station Project’s Amendment Report, as well as the EIS, at the Major Projects’ portal of the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment.


In April 2018, we announced an estimated $400 million investment to develop a ~250 MW gas-fired power station in the Newcastle region close to our existing Newcastle Gas Storage Facility in Tomago, New South Wales.

The power station will comprise either reciprocating engines and/or gas turbines, fast start operation with the primary role of providing firming capacity to the energy market.

The station will have dual-fuel capability. While gas is the preferred fuel source, the Newcastle Power Station would be able to operate on diesel fuel in the event of a gas supply disruption or when the power station is required to operate for extended hours. The station will also be capable of operating at full capacity within minutes, providing a rapid response to changes in renewable generation supply.

Investment in New South Wales

The power station in Newcastle is part of AGL’s plan to replace generation when Liddell Coal Fired Power Station is retired. The plan proposes a mix of high-efficiency gas power stations, renewables, battery storage and demand response, coupled with an efficiency upgrade at Bayswater Power Station and conversion of generators at Liddell into synchronous condensers. The feasibility of a pumped hydro project in the Hunter region is being explored with the NSW Government.

With this development, AGL continues to demonstrate its long-standing commitment to its NSW customers. As Australia’s electricity market adapts to a carbon-constrained future, we’re focused on delivering cleaner, affordable and reliable energy to homes and businesses.

We will continue our commitment to improving reliability and security of supply in NSW using modern, responsive technology that is more fuel efficient and less carbon intensive than the pre-existing plant.

Community complaints and enquiries

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