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Camden Gas Project

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AGL's Camden Gas Project has been safely supplying around 5 percent of NSW's gas needs since 2001. 

The Rosalind Park Gas Plant is the central element of the Camden Gas Project, where natural gas is collected via low pressure underground gathering lines, processed and transmitted into the natural gas network, ready for use by households and businesses. 

In February 2016, AGL announced that it will progressively decommission wells and rehabilitate sites at the Camden Gas Project prior to ceasing production in 2023. 


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Decommissioning and rehabilitation schedule

After a review of business activities, AGL announced in February 2016 that at Camden, it will extract gas from its existing wells enabling closure of the facility in 2023. The Camden site and wells will be progressively decommissioned and the sites rehabilitated.

AGL has released the Stage One schedule for the decommissioning and rehabilitation of coal seam gas wells at the Camden Gas Project.

The Camden Gas Project has been safely supplying gas to Sydney homes and businesses since 2001. A total of 144 wells have been drilled, with 92 currently producing. Six wells have been completed in 2016 and a further 17 will undergo rehabilitation commencing in early 2017, which are expected to take approximately two years. 

At the conclusion of Stage One of this program, 41 of the original 144 gas wells will have been rehabilitated.

This work is undertaken with a high level of regulatory oversight by the NSW Government’s Division of Resources and Energy and the NSW EPA as lead regulator, and to standards set in the NSW Government’s Code of Practice for Coal Seam Gas.

The Stage One well rehabilitation program in 2017-18 will include the following sites:

 Well Name  Well Number
 Elizabeth Macarthur  16, 34
 Glen Lee  16
 Joe Stanley  01, 03, 04
 Lipscome  01
 Menangle Park  01, 05
 Mount Taurus  09, 10
 Rosalind Park  02, 06, 10, 12
 Sugar Loaf  09
 Wandinong  06

AGL will keep the community informed on the well rehabilitation program and determine the next stage of wells to be decommissioned based on operational requirements.

AGL has also made several operational improvements to the Camden Gas Project in the past year and invested several million dollars to improve our environmental footprint including:

  • reducing fugitive gas emissions by converting all well-head controls systems to air, supplied by solar powered air compressors, rather than using gas;
  • converting the Rosalind Park Gas Plant’s pneumatic control system to compressed air; and
  • replacing the underground water storage tanks with above ground double-lined tanks.

AGL maintains a strong commitment to the safe operation of the Camden Gas Project as well as working and investing to reduce any potential harm to the community or environmental health.


Complaints and enquiries

 Alex Fitzpatrick  Stakeholder Relations Team
 Phone  1800 039 600
 Mail   PO Box 67, Menangle NSW 2568 




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