Camden Gas Project

Safely supplying our share of NSW's gas needs since 2001.

Project background

The Project has 144 wells completed up until 2012 to supply gas as part of the Camden Gas project.

Besides the wells, the other major element of the Camden Gas Project is the Rosalind Park Gas Plant in Menangle, where natural gas is collected via low pressure underground gathering lines, compressed, dried and made ready for use by households and businesses, and transmitted into the greater Sydney natural gas network.

In February 2016, AGL announced it will cease production at the Camden Gas Project in 2023. The Camden site and wells will be progressively decommissioned and the sites rehabilitated.

AGL's Camden Gas Project has been safely operating since 2001.

Camden Gas Project update presentation (PDF)


The Project produces natural gas from coal seams throughout the Macarthur region of New South Wales. The field is located around 65 kilometres south-west of Sydney and operates within the Camden, Campbelltown and Wollondilly local government areas.

AGL's Camden well sites (PDF)

Drilling equipment

Camden workover activities

AGL’s Camden Gas Operations completed all planned workover activities for the probable future on the 28 April 2020. These may recommence if business needs arise.


After a review of business activities, AGL announced in February 2016 that at Camden, it will extract gas from its existing wells enabling closure of the facility in 2023. The Camden site and wells will be progressively decommissioned and the sites rehabilitated.

AGL has released the Stage One schedule for the decommissioning and rehabilitation of coal seam gas wells at the Camden Gas Project.

These activities will require the use of a ‘Workover Rig’ (pictured below) and some auxiliary equipment on site. No drilling or fracture stimulation (‘fraccing’) will occur.

This has now been completed and the next phase is progressing.

The Camden Gas Project has been safely supplying gas to Sydney homes and businesses since 2001. A total of 144 wells have been drilled, with 86 currently producing. Six wells were completed in 2016 and a further 19 were rehabilitated between 2017 and 2018.

Currently, 60 wells are operational, 9 are waiting on or in the process of being decommissioned and 75 are decommissioned. The 60 operational wells will be progressively rehabilitated in the ongoing decommissioning.

This work is undertaken with a high level of regulatory oversight by the NSW Government’s Division of Resources and Energy and the NSW EPA as lead regulator, and to standards set in the NSW Government’s Code of Practice for Coal Seam Gas.

The Stage One well rehabilitation program in 2017-18 was released in 2016. The Camden Gas Project Community Consultative Committee (CGP CCC) met on 14 March 2018 and considered AGL’s intent to change one well listed in the Stage One decommissioning and rehabilitation program. This means that the Mount Taurus 05 well will undergo decommissioning and rehabilitation instead of the Menangle Park 01 well.

Stage One Well Decommisioning & Rehabilitation Program

Well Name Well Number - Announced Program Well Number - Proposed Program
Elizabeth Macarthur 16, 34 16, 34
Glen Lee 16 16
Joe Stanley 01, 03, 04 01, 03, 04
Lipscome 01 01
Menangle Park 01, 05 05
Mount Taurus 09, 10 05, 09, 10
Rosalind Park 02, 06, 10, 12 02, 06, 10, 12
Sugar Loaf 09 09
Wandinong 06 06

AGL will keep the community informed on the well rehabilitation program and determine the next stage of wells to be decommissioned based on operational requirements.

AGL maintains a strong commitment to the safe operation of the Camden Gas Project as well as working and investing to reduce any potential harm to the community or environmental health.

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