AGL Loy Yang Power Station

Producing enough power to supply over 2 million average Australian homes every year.


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AGL Loy Yang with 2,210MW generates approximately 30% of Victoria’s power requirements every year and is an integral part of Australia's national electricity market. The Loy Yang mine supplies both Loy Yang A and Loy Yang B, fuelling around 50% of the state’s energy requirements.

The AGL Community Fund Program has closed

The AGL Loy Yang Community Fund Program has closed. Thanks to all community groups and organisations who applied.

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AGL Loy Yang is in the Latrobe Valley, 165 kilometres south east of Melbourne and was acquired by AGL in 2012. The power station and accompanying open cut coal mine cover about 6,000 hectares. The mine supplies coal to the Loy Yang A power station and the Chow Tai Fook Enterprises (Alinta Energy) owned Loy Yang B power station as the fuel to generate electricity. Each year about 30 million tonnes of coal is produced.

AGL Loy Yang is a 24/7 thermal generation site. Our people work at all hours of the day and night, every day of the year to keep the lights on. In February 2019, we announced a $25 million investment to boost generation at AGL Loy Yang without increasing coal consumption or emissions.


AGL Loy Yang is Victoria’s largest power station. The power station includes four 500+ megawatt turbo generators which were brought into service between 1984 and 1988. Upgrades through major maintenance programs and plant enhancements have taken generation capability from 2000 megawatts in the year 2000, to over 2200 megawatts today.

AGL recently completed a seven-year, $60 million, integrated control and monitoring system (ICMS) conversion project. The work saw all AGL Loy Yang operating units converted from ageing analogue systems to a state-of-the-art digital control system and was vital to ensuring energy supply reliability to Victoria.


In June 2018, the Victorian Government extended AGL Loy Yang’s mining licence through to 2065. As part of its mining licence extension, AGL committed to provide five years notice of closure of Loy Yang A Power Station. AGL welcomed this extension as it provides certainty for employees as well as the local community.

AGL Loy Yang is committed to an orderly, respectful, and smooth transition for the Latrobe Valley away from coal-fired power generation. We encourage input into our plans for the community. If you would like to submit ideas, ask questions, or become a regular member of our Community Dialogue Group, feel free to get in touch with AGL’s Corporate Affairs team.

The AGL Community Fund Program has closed

The latest round of the AGL Loy Yang Community Fund Program has closed

The first round of the 2022 AGL Loy Yang Community Fund Program has closed. Thanks to all community groups and organisations who applied.

The program is designed to reinvest a portion of revenue earned from the site into nearby communities by way of financial support for community-based initiatives, projects, and events.

The program is available to community groups in and around the Latrobe Valley region.

The Community Support Program aims to:

  • Deliver community-wide benefits from the project.
  • Support the work of existing and future community organisations.
  • Encourage local community innovation and support for issues of community significance.
  • Develop strong relations with the local and wider communities.

If you would like to know more about the AGL Loy Yang Community Support Program, contact Shaun Mallia by phoning 0498 002 541 or email

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