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Barn Hill Wind Farm and Battery Project

AGL is developing the Barn Hill Wind Farm and Battery Project near Redhill in South Australia.

Aerial photo of wind turbines at the Barn Hill wind farm.

AGL is developing the Barn Hill Wind Farm and Battery Project near Redhill in South Australia. The project consists of a wind farm up to 360 MW, a new transmission connection and the inclusion of a 270 MW battery with up to 4 hours duration.

Project Overview

Wind farm size Up to 360 MW
Battery Up to 270 MW - 4 hours duration
Tip height Up to 250m
Asset life About 35 years
Approval process Crown Sponsorship
Target FID Mid 2025
Construction duration About 2 years (Construction Environmental Management Plan will be developed)
Operations Early 2028
Job creation About 200 at peak of construction


About the project

The Project is located approximately 4.5 km to the south-west of the township of Redhill, South Australia. The wind farm will be located across the hilltops between the Snowtown Wind Farm and the Clements Gap Wind Farm.

Barn Hill has a very strong wind resource with a non-solar correlated output profile.

AGL acquired the Project in 2009 with development plan consent from the Port Pirie Regional Council and the Wakefield Regional Council already in place.

Due to growth in the project scope, including larger wind turbines and the inclusion of a battery, AGL is now seeking new approvals through the State Government Crown Sponsorship process.

The battery has the potential to improve the economics of the project by ‘time shifting’ low-cost wind power from when it is generated to a later time when wind farm output is low. Batteries also improve the reliability of the grid by dispatching when energy demands exceed generation and support the security of the grid by stabilising the frequency and providing other system services. 

By providing these services, batteries also help keep downward pressure on power bills.

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Mid 2024

Submit Development Application

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Mid 2025

Final Investment Decision

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Late 2025

Construction commences

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Early 2028

Operations commence


While all necessary environmental assessments were previously undertaken and approved as part of the development plan consent granted by the Port Pirie Regional Council and Wakefield Regional Council, AGL will undertake these assessments again as part of the new State Government Crown Sponsorship application process. This includes assessments for Aboriginal Cultural Heritage, flora and fauna (including birds), noise, visual, shadow flicker, fire and traffic.

Transmission connection

A new transmission line will connect the wind farm to the grid via a ‘cut in’ to an existing transmission line, located about 7 kms East of the Project area. in the vicinity of River and Perrins Roads.

Community and stakeholder feedback

AGL is engaging with landowners, Traditional Owner Groups, State and Federal governments, Port Pirie and Wakefield councils, and the broader local community about the Project. The project team will continue to visit the site to provide updates to stakeholders and receive feedback from the community.

A Community Consultative Committee has been established with membership including local government, State and Federal Members of Parliament, landowners and neighbours, community and environment groups, and is facilitated by an Independent Chair. The Terms of Reference are available to view here.

Once the Development Application is submitted, stakeholders  and the community will be able to make submissions. Enquiries about the project or the process can also be made by contacting AGL on:

1800 039 600 |

Community complaints and enquiries

AGL understands that we don’t always get it right, and we want to be informed when we don’t. If you would like to provide any feedback, good or bad, or simply ask some questions, please feel free to get in touch via the following channels:

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Complaints and Enquiries Hotline

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AGL Community Complaints & Enquiries,
Locked Bag 14120 MCMC,
Melbourne VIC 8001

Learn more  about how we handle general customer complaints on our complaints page.