Caterina Cassar

Caterina Cassar

AGL's Head of Commercial & Industrial Customers

BA (Economics and Politics), Dip. Management, Dip. Financial Markets (Dealing & Advisory)

Caterina Cassar has worked in the energy industry for over 13 years, commencing her career as a Regulatory Economist at a small energy retailer. She gained exposure across areas such as Regulation, Risk, Strategy, Sales and Pricing and commenced at AGL in 2007. Her current role is AGL's Head of Commercial & Industrial Customers, Commercial Operations.

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Caterina Cassar

22 May 2019
2 minute read

Introducing AGL PUMP

In response to feedback from our Commercial and Industrial (C&I) business customers, we have developed AGL PUMP (Power Up Modular Purchasing) - a flexible, innovative, digital platform for our business customers to manage their own energy procurement.