Adam Berry

Adam Berry


BA in Comp Science

Adam leads a team of electrical engineers, computer scientists, economists, physicists, social scientists and statisticians tackling the complex challenges of Australia’s rapidly evolving energy sector, with a particular focus on delivering an equitable, efficient, affordable and sustainable energy system for all. Adam has a passion for deploying data and data science to deliver public good, particularly in areas of optimal renewable energy integration, effective energy efficiency, and energy poverty alleviation. Adam holds honours and doctorate science degrees from the University of Tasmania, and has been working in CSIRO for the past decade.

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Adam Berry

13 December 2018
5 minute read

Our energy system is demanding a lot when it’s hot

The mercury suddenly soars above forty degrees. And, when the heat is on, Australia’s electricity system is suddenly put to the test. We go from asking for a dribble of energy to a sudden tidal wave. And our systems need to respond quickly. We need that energy. We need a lot of it. And we happen to need it right now!