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Photo of Kurt Winter

Kurt Winter

3 November 2021
20 minute read

Maximising solar to support Australia’s evolving grid, part 2

In our previous article, we touched on some of the challenges of managing the increasing amount of rooftop solar energy entering the system,...

Photo of AGL Energy

AGL Energy

29 January 2021
3 minute read

AGL for Business takes self-service to new heights

Our new online management tool, AGL for Business, makes energy accounting far easier for our commercial and industrial customers.

Photo of Aleks Smits

Aleks Smits

14 May 2020
6 minute read

Deep dive: pandemic and impacts on the NEM

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has profoundly changed fundamental aspects of our daily lives. Many of us are working – and kids are studying – from home. At the same time, many services and businesses – for example, restaurants, shops, gyms, libraries - have had to close their doors, at least temporarily. So what is the cumulative impact of all these changes on electricity supply across the National Electricity Market (NEM)?

Photo of AGL Energy

AGL Energy

5 May 2020
4 minute read

LED there be light

How many dollars does it take to change tens of thousands of light bulbs? We know exactly how many: $500,000, every year, just in maintenance costs. That’s one of many reasons we’re upgrading our power station lighting to long-lasting LEDs.

Photo of AGL Energy

AGL Energy

29 April 2020
5 minute read

Breaking down barriers to rooftop solar

This year marks the third year of the Gill Owen Essay Prize – a prize for young Australians who seek to build on Dr Owen’s legacy by discussing changes to policy which could improve our future outlook for energy efficiency and social equity – two areas in which Dr Owen campaigned tirelessly.

Photo of Luke Menzel

Luke Menzel

30 November 2018
8 minute read

Empowering business with energy efficiency

Energy prices and lowering lower carbon emissions would have to be amongst the most talked about topics for 2018. In Australia, a lot of this conversation has revolved around where and how energy is generated.