Response to the AEMC’s Directions Paper on how to unlock the benefits of CER through flexibility

AGL has provided a response to the Australian Energy Market Commission’s (AEMC) second round of consultation on how to unlock the benefits of consumer energy resources (CER) through the introduction of flexible trading.

This rule change is seeking to improve flexibility and trading of CER to unlock value for consumers and to facilitate better integration of flexible CER into the power system to deliver a more reliable and secure energy system that would benefit all consumers.

As the uptake of CER continues, there is a growing need to also achieve effective market and technical integration of CER in the National Electricity Market. We want to ensure that consumers can benefit from their CER assets and if they choose to make these resources available can contribute to and operate within the system. This will be key to achieving an affordable, reliable, and secure low-emissions energy supply for all consumers.

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