AGL's submission to Australia's Guarantee of Origin Scheme Design Paper

AGL welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the design of the Guarantee of Origin scheme (GO), and broadly supports the proposals put forward in the Guarantee of Origin Scheme Design Paper.

AGL understands the importance of supporting a wide range of technologies with respect to decarbonising the economy and understands that transparency is a key factor in ensuring the integrity of low-emissions products. Businesses, governments and customers are becoming increasingly engaged in the energy transition as they set decarbonisation targets, seeking further detail to verify the green credentials of various products. The ability to track and verify emissions associated with products and services allows market participants and the wider public to make informed choices and provides assurance that what they are purchasing is leading to real sustainable outcomes.

For additional views on the implementation of this scheme, please refer to our submission on the Renewable Electricity Guarantee of Origin Approach paper.

Read the full submission here.