Nature Repair Market Bill 2023 and Nature Repair Market (Consequential Amendments) Bill 2023

AGL recognises the impact that climate change has on biodiversity and supports the Australian Government’s commitment to protect 30% of Australia’s land and seas by 2030.

With operations across multiple states, AGL has significant experience in developing renewable projects and the regulatory obligations under both state and federal legislation to carry out comprehensive environmental assessments of the potential impacts of these projects on nature. These experiences have been drawn on in preparing this submission.

In our submission we highlight several considerations for government in their design of the NRM. These include the scheme’s interaction with both state biodiversity markets and carbon markets; ways to incentivise market participation and remove barriers to project development - including renewable energy projects; the need to take lessons from carbon and biodiversity markets to ensure integrity and transparency from scheme commencement; roles, responsibilities, and resourcing of scheme administrators; and the importance of clear goals and performance measures.  

A copy of our submission can be found here.