AGL Energy welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the Australian Government’s Climate-related Financial Disclosure consultation Paper.

In recent years, AGL has sought to play a leading role in the way business engages on the critical issue of climate change, and we have been a proud leader in corporate climate disclosures. We have given serious consideration to the physical and transitional risks and opportunities associated with climate change and the transition towards a low-carbon economy.

To support the energy transition in Australia and improve access to capital markets for businesses operating domestically, it is important that disclosures remain aligned with standards in other jurisdictions and markets. Australian standards should be commensurate with other international markets that compete with Australian businesses for finance, to ensure that capital can be readily accessed to support the transition.

We therefore support the proposed approach taken by the Australian Government and the broad commitment to develop a sustainable finance framework for Australia, to support the ongoing growth and resilience of the Australian economy and its energy sector into the future.

A copy of AGL’s submission to the consultation paper is available here.