AGL Responds to NSW EPA Draft Climate Change Policy and Action Plan

The interaction of energy and environmental policy

AGL is supportive of strong action on climate change and the setting of ambitious targets to instigate action. Regulation of businesses can be a strong motivator as it sets the guideposts for such ambition. However, Australia’s carbon policy landscape is becoming increasingly complex with overlapping state and federal government and state regulator actions all targeting emissions reductions in one form or another. This not only increases the administrative burden for government but also for companies navigating their compliance obligations.

We believe that government energy departments and regulators are best placed to develop, implement and enforce the major policy decisions impacting the energy sector as they place both the consumer and the stability of the energy system at the heart of their policy. We hold some concerns that EPA’s involvement in driving down electricity sector emissions could have unintended consequences and flow on impacts across the NEM, and for consumers. We welcome further clarification of the EPA’s intended role in these processes.

A copy of AGL’s submission to the NSW EPA Draft Climate Change Policy and Action Plan is available here.