AGL Energy (AGL) welcomes the opportunity to comment on the National Energy Transition Authority Bill 2022 inquiry, which proposes to establish an independent statutory authority with powers to guide the energy transition and support workers and their communities.

AGL’s approach to transition

In our inaugural 2022 Climate Transition Action Plan (CTAP) under the Say On Climate initiative, we set out our approach to supporting workforce transition, acknowledging that the energy transition is an industry-wide transformation that will involve significant changes to the way AGL operates.

In our view, transitioning the workforce at locations of large coal-fired thermal assets will be site-specific and will need to be managed with local coalitions and partnerships. On the personnel side, AGL's approach is to treat people fairly and respectfully, working closely with any impacted employees to explore opportunities for career transition.

Where Government can add value

In our view, government can play a key role in the transition by focusing on the workforce issues, working to build consensus across key stakeholders and complementing work already underway by the states. Each community will be different, and so the approach should be ground-up, empowering local communities to identify their needs with government working alongside to support those needs.

A copy of AGL’s submission to the National Energy Transition Authority Bill 2022 is available here.