AGL Response to Offshore Renewable Energy Infrastructure Area proposal (Bass Straight off Gippsland)

AGL Energy (AGL) welcomes the opportunity to comment on the offshore renewable energy infrastructure area proposal for the Bass Strait off Gippsland.

Supporting an ecosystem of renewable energy options

AGL understands the importance of supporting a range of technologies with complementary functions in the transition from traditional fossil fuel-based power generation to a fully decarbonised grid.

In our inaugural 2022 Climate Transition Action Plan (CTAP) under the Say On Climate initiative, we clearly state AGL’s updated ambition to become an integrated low-carbon energy leader. Our plan recognises that a balance needs to be struck between responsible transition and rapid decarbonisation to keep Australia's electricity supply secure, reliable, and affordable – principles that are equally relevant for the establishment of Australia’s offshore wind industry.

The proposed area off the coast of Gippsland is the first of what could be many offshore renewable energy infrastructure areas in Australia and therefore provides an important precedent for areas where project plans are not as well advanced. We therefore propose that governments carefully consider how they can facilitate the approvals process for project licencing to encourage competitive proposals from a range of market participants, economically efficient sharing of transmission infrastructure and balancing support for an emerging industry like offshore wind with investment in other, lower cost, established onshore generation options.

A copy of AGL’s submission to the offshore renewable energy infrastructure area proposal is available here.