AGL Energy welcomes the opportunity to comment on the 2022 National GreenPower Accreditation Program (GreenPower) Program Review 2022.

 An important role in the energy transition

Since the GreenPower program was established in 1997, significant changes have occurred in the energy sector. The imperative to act on climate change by reducing emissions in the electricity sector has coincided with the expansion of a much more participatory customer base and an increase in customers seeking to take voluntary action to contribute to emissions reduction, which has significantly accelerated the demand for products and services that support decarbonisation. Accordingly, AGL has committed to offering customers the option of carbon neutral prices across all of its products.

However, as customers become more engaged in the various types of carbon neutral products available, there is also increasing scrutiny on the detail of products that claim to be carbon neutral and/or supporting emissions reductions. At AGL, we welcome these trends and strongly support customer engagement and choice in the range of products that are available to help customers reducing their carbon footprint while also contributing to reducing emissions on a broader scale.

Within this context, AGL is a strong supporter of GreenPower and offers GreenPower accredited energy products to its customers under the national GreenPower program. We also support the review of the GreenPower program to ensure it is meeting the objectives and consider that it is timely to review elements of the GreenPower scheme that contribute to these broad objectives.

A copy of AGL’s submission to the GreenPower Review is available here.