AGL has recently responded to the NSW Government’s proposed Peak Demand Reduction Scheme (PDRS) (Rule 1) Consultation. AGL expressed its support for the first iteration of the PDRS Rules and the scheme, broadly.

The PDRS will commence on 1 November 2022 until 31 March 2023 with an initial peak demand reduction target of 0.5%. It is proposed that this target will gradually increase to 10% by the summer of 2029-30. The target will remain at 10% until the end of the scheme in 2050. The PDRS is a certificate scheme which is designed to reduce peak electricity demand in NSW through ‘Recognised Peak Activities’ which will initially focus on the installation, replacement or removal of end-user equipment that can reduce peak demand during the relevant periods.

The NSW Government has proposed that subsequent iterations of the Rule will expand to include demand-shifting and demand-response activities. AGL makes a number of recommendations in its submission on activities which should be considered for the next phase, such as:

  • Connecting a new or pre-existing solar PV-battery system to a remote management system (e.g. Virtual Power Plant);
  • Install local device capable of orchestration of non-demand response enabled equipment (such as infrared remote-controlled air conditioners);
  • Undertaking Home Energy Audits
  • Implement Behavioural Demand-Response Programs

Read AGL’s full list of recommendations available in the submission here.