The Victorian Government set a target for zero emissions vehicles (ZEVs) to account for 50 per cent of new light vehicle sales by 2030 as part of its Zero Emissions Vehicle Roadmap. This target was set in May 2021 as part of a commitment to reach net zero emissions by 2050 under the Climate Change Act 2017.

In June 2021, the Government established a ZEV Expert Advisory Panel (the Panel) to advise it on further policies, programs and investments to ensure Victoria meets – and exceeds – its new 2030 target.

The ZEV Expert Advisory Panel is consulting on how a 50 per cent sales target of new light zero emissions vehicles for 2030 could be realised in Victoria, as well as barriers, challenges, strengths and opportunities in the transition towards zero  emissions vehicle technology. 

AGL welcomes the Victorian Government’s Zero Emissions Vehicle Roadmap and the commitment to invest $100 million to accelerate Victoria’s drive to zero emissions vehicles as an important starting point in accelerating the uptake of EVs in Victoria. 

AGL recommends the Expert Panel complement the Roadmap with the following elements:
1. Policies and programs to increase the range and affordability of new and used electric vehicles; such as financial incentives for EV owners, and programs to support the transition of Government fleets and private fleets towards EVs;
2. Policies and programs to support network planning and investment in charging infrastructure thereby reducing consumers’ “range anxiety”; and
3. Programs to support EV skills training and improved customer awareness of the benefits of EVs.

We also recommend the Expert Panel carefully weigh any perceived barriers in optimising EV into the electricity grid, drawing relevant insights on EV grid integration from the existing breadth of trials and research to inform policy and regulatory reform. As this is a new and emerging market, it is important to make fact based and ‘no regret’ regulatory changes to support the smooth integration of EVs.

Finally, we believe the Victoria Government’s application of a road-user charge on ZEVs works against and potentially mitigates the benefits of the proposed Roadmap. As such, we recommend the Victorian Government set the current charge to zero and allow the proposed policies and programs to boost uptake of EVs in line with the Roadmap’s sales target.

We elaborate our views in our formal submission, available here.