At AGL, our customers are at the centre of everything we do. We’re committed to creating new technologies that give our customers greater control when managing their energy usage, contributing towards creating an affordable and smart energy future.

We’re making sure our customers are ahead of the curve too, empowering them to ‘Ask Alexa’ to help manage their energy consumption, pay their bills, or even find out when it’s the best time to turn on their household appliances.

AGL recently partnered with Amazon to create AGL Skill within the Amazon Alexa App – giving our customers even greater control and transparency when it comes to their energy consumption, and creating financial and sustainability benefits for their household.

Christine Corbett, Chief Customer Officer at AGL, sat down with the Australian Financial Review to discuss our collaboration with Amazon.

“You can do things now that weren’t possible a few years ago, such as asking Alexa to pay an AGL gas bill, or to remind you when your usage gets to a certain level and to provide energy efficiency tips,” said Christine.

“Energy has been a pretty low engagement category, because you just expect electricity and gas to be there when you want it. What smart devices such as Alexa allow us to do is to better engage with products and services.”

The innovation continues too, with AGL now offering our customers an online “energy coach” – which helps to create energy plans for each room within our customers’ home.

To find out more about AGL Skill on Amazon Alexa, and how you can benefit from this service, please visit the AGL website.