AGL has made a submission to the AEMC review into the effectiveness of the digital metering framework.  AGL has been a strong supporter of the roll out of competitive digital metering services. We established Active Stream as a metering provider in the years preceding the commencement of metering contestability as part of the Power of Choice changes and have brought to marker a number of products and services that digital metering underpins, including Energy Insights customer reports, monthly billing, battery orchestration services and our Peak Rewards program.

Our focus in providing feedback to the review is on identifying and remediating existing complexities and improving industry co-ordination and efficiency through better defining market participants roles and assigning commercial and regulatory risks and rewards to these roles. If we get these foundations right, AGL strongly believes this will lead to improved customer experience and more efficient operational practices associated with digital meter roll out.

AGL supports the policy intent of digital metering that energy consumers drive the roll out of the program and metering services are delivered through a competitive market. This is the best way of matching metering benefit with costs.  Mandated metering programs, like the Victorian program, have shown that energy consumers pay a significant cost for digital meters up front without realising commensurate benefits for many years in the future.

You can read our submission here.