AGL Response to AEMC Prioritising arrangements for system security during market suspension consultation paper

Following the Australian Energy Market Commission's (AEMC) review of the Black System Event, Energy Ministers consider the current regulatory requirements placed on AEMO during market suspension may compromise Australian Energy Market Operator's (AEMO) ability to focus on and prioritise power system security during these periods. The proposed rule seeks to address this by providing AEMO with the flexibility to prioritise system security obligations over other obligations under the National Electricity Market (NER). The rule change proposal contends these obligations are largely administrative in nature and therefore should be subject to AEMO's discretion.

During a market suspension event, we recognise the significant task AEMO will likely face to continue to meet system security requirements particularly in circumstances where risks to the power system are unclear. However, we do not consider the current regulatory framework undermines AEMO's ability to meet this key objective. Consequently, we do not support the proposed rule change.

Read our full submission here.