The rule change request submitted by the AEC on 15 December 2018 seeks to increase the participation of smaller generators in central dispatch to enable improved management of the power system and the efficient operation of the market. The AEC's rule change also proposes changes to the Australian Energy Market Operator's (AEMO's) process for granting exemptions from being registered as a scheduled or non-scheduled generator. Specifically, the AEC's rule change request seeks to:

  • reduce the threshold for classifying generators as non-scheduled from 30MW nameplate capacity to 5MW, making the default classifications for generators above 5MW scheduled (or semi-scheduled)

AGL supports greater transparency and visibility in the market and therefore supports the lowering of the threshold from 30MW to a suitable threshold that is justified based on a proper cost benefit analysis. Reducing this threshold will allow more visibility over the smaller non-scheduled generation, delivering a more efficient price and at the same time improving AEMO’s ability to manage system security. AGL also supports greater transparency in AEMO’s process of granting exemptions.

Read the full submission here.