At AGL, we believe progress is powered by our people. That’s why we’re showcasing our People Promise and the unique employee experiences we offer our people right across the business.

Keera Hoogendorp, Billing Operations Manager, has worked for AGL for more than 11 years. Here Keera shares why she is proud to work for AGL and how the business has given her new personal growth and career opportunities.


Transformative and inspiring leadership

Believe it or not, I “fell into” a job at AGL at the tender age of 21 – talking to our customers in our contact centre.

While my entire experience at AGL has been enriching, the moment I knew I’d made the right decision was about five years into my career. A senior leader that I admired saw potential in me and gave me the opportunity to step into a leadership role.

I felt so valued and seen, and I’ve never forgotten that moment. His leap of faith opened so many doors for me – it’s something I’m very grateful for, and I still see examples of this behaviour within AGL’s culture and values today.


Diversity is key

Our industry, and my role within it, is incredibly diverse. The problems we face and solve range from complex system issues, to supporting our vendors, to fast-paced market changes, to enriching our very diverse customer’s experience, and supporting our people. I thrive on all of it. 

A great day for me is one that presents me with a variety of problems to solve, where I’m interacting with lots of people, and I can walk out of the office at the end of the day knowing I’ve made a difference – that my contribution really matters. It brings out the best in me and I really value that about what I do.

I also love that AGL gives me the space to bring my whole self to work, including my personal passions. The flexibility and autonomy that I’m offered has allowed me to chair our Indigenous Engagement Working Group – a team of passionate volunteers that come together to champion the advancement of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, and Reconciliation, across the organisation.

I’m so proud to be on a learning journey with the Working Group, bringing to life our deep community relationships, celebrating events like NAIDOC and Reconciliation Week, and embracing our value of Better together.


People at the heart

To me, AGL is a company that really cares about its people. Wellbeing and community come first, always.

We manage to strike this incredible balance between what’s best for our people, while doing what’s best for our business and our customers. It’s this sense of community and care for each other that makes me proud to work for AGL.


Careers at AGL

Does Keera’s story inspire you to be part of the family at AGL?

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