Image sourced from IHRA website


The intersex community is a hugely diverse population, with at least 40 different underlying traits known to science (Intersex Human Rights Australia, 2020).

Many people from this community still experience significant challenges within our society, including body shaming and stigmatisation.

AGL is proud to show our support for intersex communities across Australia and New Zealand by affirming the Darlington Statement.

The Darlington Statement is a joint consensus statement by Australian and New Zealand intersex organisations and independent advocates. The statement was written in March 2017, and articulates the human rights demands of people with intersex variations.

‘The Darlington Statement actively acknowledges the diversity within the intersex community,’ says Christine Corbett, AGL’s Chief Customer Officer and Executive Sponsor of AGL Shine.

‘We are proud to join a growing list of signatories who are showing their support for this community and helping to build a more safe and inclusive society.’

In affirming the Darlington Statement, AGL recognises the diverse histories of the intersex community and agrees to use the word intersex inclusively – acknowledging every person’s right to self-determination.

The intersex flag – designed by Morgan Carpenter.


Ahead of Intersex Awareness Day on 26 October, we encourage other organisations across Australia and New Zealand to show their support for the intersex human rights movement.

For more information on the Darlington Statement, please visit the IHRA website.