Nat Pinder, recently appointed Lead Business Analyst in Future Business & Technology and mum of two, has had a unique experience exploring what's commonly referred to as 'work-life integration.'

‘I was seven and a half months pregnant when I was interviewed for a Business Analyst role at AGL. It was mind blowing that they would even consider me,’ Nat said.

‘The project I was working on was finishing up, and I had accepted that I would be taking some time out of the workforce. Then I got the job, so I spent a month meeting and greeting my new team, before leaving to have my second child.

‘That's when I knew AGL would be a really supportive organisation to work with. If I had been pregnant 10 years ago, this wouldn't have been an option.’

That was three years ago, and Nat shares how she balances the demands of work and home.

‘It took time to adjust. I used to be the type of person who was just work, work, work. Long hours, never seeing daylight in winter.

‘Having kids forced me to change. I had no choice but to get on a train and go collect them from childcare, especially because there were expensive late fees involved!

‘It's made me more efficient, knowing that I had to leave by a certain time. I prioritise office time for face to face meetings, get all the information I need and then leave emails, documentation and admin for after hours.

‘Working at AGL helps. I was employed full time originally, but I was able to negotiate a return to work plan, starting with three days a week. I still have Mondays off, which I love spending with my kids.

‘When I'm home and my kids are awake, that's my mum time, and I want to be fully there for them.’

Managing expectations has allowed Nat to navigate both worlds.

‘I set the expectation with my colleagues early on that during certain times, I'm not available. This helps to create a routine, which both the kids and I thrive on.

‘I also have some great friends who are working mums too, and they help keep me balanced.’

For Nat, the recent shift to working from home has offered a little respite, despite the challenges associated with the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

‘COVID-19 has allowed me to step back and take a breather. As a family, we're probably more relaxed right now. I'm working longer hours, but I can then jump straight into family life. It has also reduced the morning chaos, and I can even exercise now!

‘My advice to other parents, is to be true to yourself. I love my kids, and for me, working makes the time I have with them even more special.’