How many dollars does it take to change tens of thousands of light bulbs? We know exactly how many: $500,000, every year.

We all know a few light bulb jokes, but this isn’t actually a joke! We’re currently replacing our existing lighting across Bayswater, Torrens, and Loy Yang Power Stations with 41,600 light-emitting diode (LED) lighting.

Existing lights across the sites are predominantly older mercury/sodium vapour, metal halide, and fluorescent lighting, and they require regular maintenance to ensure adequate lighting is available in low natural light areas or during the night. 

The current lighting at AGL Torrens, Loy Yang, and Bayswater is being upgraded to LED lighting.


While all three are much more efficient than traditional incandescent lighting, LED lighting is another step up. They use semiconductors to produce individual light particles and are far more efficient and longer-lasting than other sources, and they are far more efficient and longer-lasting than other sources.

In practical terms, for our sites, LED lighting will produce equal or better lighting levels than the existing lights – and requires significantly lower amounts of energy to run.


Energy savings and emission intensity reduction

And – as project manager Hamid Shilani explains – there’s more behind the upgrade.

‘More reliable and powerful lighting isn’t the only benefit of the installation program,’ Hamid said.

‘These new LEDs will reduce the company's auxiliary load by 29 gigawatt hours each year. This extra available energy can be sold on the wholesale market with an average revenue of $2.4 million per annum.

‘Also, there’ll be an annual maintenance saving of $500,000 due to the considerable reduction in maintenance required in the replacement of faulty lights.

“Overall, the total annual energy saving across this project is estimated at 29,000 megawatt hours – and our emission intensity reduction estimated around the equivalent to 30,500 tonnes of carbon dioxide. ”

‘Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, installation works had commenced across the three sites and we are happy to report that we are already seeing significant energy savings.

‘We anticipate that full installation will take approximately 12 months to be completed at Bayswater and Loy Yang Station and Mine. Torrens installation will take approximately four months to complete.’

Due to initial successes achieved in the project, the team is developing a business case to expand the scope of works to include AGL's Hydro assets.


Energy efficiency on-site and at home

Simply put, energy efficiency is about achieving more while using less energy. It’s something we can all benefit from, particularly as we’re spending more time at home and are heading into winter.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Replace your traditional lights with newer, much more energy efficient LED lights.
  2. Set your heating and cooling within 8° of the outside temperature – for example, on 12° day, set your heater no higher than 20°.
  3. Seal or block and cracks – with door snakes, for example – to keep the aircon or heating in.
  4. Unplug appliances where you can to stop the power drain during ‘standby’ mode.