Generating energy for millions of Australians means AGL has operations in local communities across Australia - from the Western Downs to the Latrobe Valley, Mount Beauty to the Hunter Valley, and Torrens Island to Broken Hill.

We’re a part of those communities and one of our major points of focus is, how to deliver shared value for those communities? Not only today – but for years to come.

This question is central to our social licence, which is the ongoing acceptance by the community of AGL’s current and proposed activities.

Rose Landau is AGL’s Program Director – Social Licence: the person tasked with developing how we approach that social licence in our communities.

‘We want to be a trusted partner for our communities, to meet and exceed their rising expectations,’ she said.

‘This means that we need to listen to them, we need to understand their needs and priorities and we need to be making decisions that are informed by that understanding.

‘And it’s not “set and forget”. Social licence is something we need to be working on every day, as both community expectations and our business activities continue to evolve.’

Social licence is one of AGL’s three strategic priorities (alongside growth and transformation) – it is a key focus for the business, if we are to remain a leading integrated energy business and a key player in the transition to a cleaner energy system.

Our people are at the heart of our social licence, which is why we recently held a Community Innovation Event for employees to workshop and pitch ideas about how AGL can deliver shared value.

‘It was fantastic to see their skills, experience and passion come together to create so many innovative ideas on how we can partner with the community to help solve the challenges they face,’ Rose said.