As an essential service provider and one of Australia’s oldest companies, we take our role in in the community seriously. We’re committed to our purpose, ‘Progress for Life’, which is a relentless determination to make things better for our customers, our communities, our planet, and our economy.

We believe it’s our people who enable us to deliver on this purpose.

As a large employer, our workforce is spread across five states, with almost half of our people working at generation sites in regional locations.

From the Latrobe Valley in Victoria, to Coopers Gap in the Queensland outback, or the Hunter Valley in New South Wales – we’re part of the local communities where we operate, and we’re committed to supporting them.

This support is varied – be it sponsorship of the North Gippsland Football Netball League, supporting special education trips for Singleton High School, or partnering with Conservation Volunteers Australia to protect the natural values of Torrens Island – what matters to the community, matters to us.

Operating Australia’s largest electricity generation portfolio means having people on site, 24/7, every day of the year, even on Christmas day. The hard work and dedication of our people not only supports the energy needs of today, it’s contributing to building our shared energy future.

People powered progress

We’re proud of our people and the work they’re doing to support the transition to a new energy system. We see it as people powered progress.

  • People like Michael, who has followed his dad’s footsteps to AGL Macquarie – and is now working on a major upgrade that will power thousands more NSW homes without any increasing emissions.
  • People like Adam, who is helping develop massive renewable energy projects in New South Wales, turning proud mining cities into proud mining cities, except instead of mining the earth, now they mine the sun and the wind for energy.
  • And people like father-and-son duo Jim and Jonathan, who work alongside each other at AGL Torrens and with the new Barker Inlet Power Station - a flexible generation site that helps to backstop our renewable assets with firming energy capacity.

For almost two centuries, AGL has been powering Australia. But our longevity, the essential services we provide, and the steps we’re taking into the future, are all down to our people – and those people are everyday Australians.

Silverton Wind Farm is owned by PARF and operated by AGL.

Silverton Wind Farm is owned by PARF and operated by AGL.