AGL recently responded to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) consultation on the Privacy Safeguard Guideline for the Consumer Data Right (CDR).

The aim of the CDR regime is to give consumers more access to, and control over their data. It will enable consumers to direct their data to accredited third parties (such as comparator websites) with the aim of improving innovation, competition and overall outcomes for consumers. With the consumers consent, businesses will have greater access to data to help tailor products and personalise consumer experiences.

The new CDR regime includes 13 privacy safeguards which are similar to the existing Australian Privacy Principles which are the cornerstone of the Australian privacy protection framework. While similar it to the existing APPs, the privacy safeguards do have differences, including how to manage CDR data, and how/when they apply to different businesses.

The OAIC’s draft guidelines set out the OAIC’s current understanding and interpretation of the privacy safeguards and the relevant Consumer Data Rules.

In our submission, we identify high-level matters that may require further consideration or exploration by the OAIC to ensure the CDR regime operates efficiently and fairly.

You can read the full submission here.