Today, AGL is one of 18 energy businesses releasing our inaugural Energy Charter Disclosure Report.

The Energy Charter was formed in January this year and recognises that during this period of unprecedented change for the industry, it is more important than ever to ensure that customers remain at the centre of our decisions.

Customers and the community are understandably concerned at present – it is a period of high energy prices, policy uncertainty, and transition from old technology to new.

The Energy Charter is all about building a laser-like focus on the customer, and making real improvements in affordability and service delivery. This is through commitment to the five principles enshrined in the charter:

  • We will put customers at the centre of our business and the energy system;
  • We will improve energy affordability for customers;
  • We will provide energy safely, sustainably, and reliably;
  • We will improve the customer experience; and
  • We will support customers facing vulnerable circumstances.

Transparency and accountability - and continuously improving outcomes for customers - are foundational tenets of the Energy Charter.

Using these public disclosures as a basis for honest conversations on the progress we’re making against each of the five points above ensures that we listen and are held to account – both by the Independent Accountability Panel and, more importantly, by our customers.

We are committed to the Energy Charter’s principles. We have already implemented a number of changes to continue to improve the customer focus within our business; for example, the remuneration of our senior leadership is now tied to customer advocacy, and requires those leaders to interact regularly and tangibly with customers. Other case studies have shown changes driven by customers and communities; we listened and learned from those customers and put them at the focus of our decision-making.

Despite the progress we’ve made, we know there is still more to do. Our disclosure highlights a number of areas where we have learnt and improved upon past performance, and this process of learning and improving is ongoing. There is no endpoint for customer focus, and that’s why The Energy Charter disclosure process is so important – it keeps us and all signatories constantly accountable.

Working together with the other signatories of the Energy Charter, we seek to make tangible, positive change for our customers and communities. We’re looking forward to what we can achieve in the future.