Introducing AGL PUMP

Photo of Caterina Cassar

Caterina Cassar

22 May 2019

2 minute read

In response to feedback from our Commercial and Industrial (C&I) business customers, we have developed AGL PUMP (Power Up Modular Purchasing) - a flexible, innovative, digital platform for our business customers to manage their own energy procurement.

"AGL PUMP will allow C&I customers to progressively purchase smaller blocks of electricity online, rather than contracting their full load in a single purchase. "

Previously, customers had to consume a minimum of 3-5MW in volume – which equates to roughly 50GWh per annum, or a $10M spend per annum). Now we can offer this product to C&I customers much smaller in volume: minimum 1MW flat or 10-15GWh per annum, or a $2.5M spend per annum.


We listened to the market

As the C&I market continues to evolve, our C&I customers have shown more and more interest in having this kind of control over their purchasing arrangement.

Until now, we’ve been forced to respond with standardised fixed-price offers to tenders requesting a progressive purchasing arrangement or limited to customers that meet specific volume and consumption profile criteria.

Customers have told us we need to innovate to compete.

While we’re not the first to market with this product, our aim is to make ours the best and simplest to use, helping us compete for market leader position.


How the AGL PUMP online platform will help

Using our online platform, customers will be able to progressively purchase in 1MW blocks, opening up the opportunity to 10-15GWh/annum customers and greater. As well as spreading the risk associated with the timing of market purchases, the process offers full cost transparency.

Ultimately, we’re confident AGL PUMP will make purchasing for our C&I customers easier and more accessible.