Coopers Gap Wind Farm Project recently saw the largest and heaviest section of the 3.8MW tower arrive at site. This section of the tower weighs 77 tonnes, has a diameter of 5 metres and is 13.6 metres long.


How do turbines measure up?

"It’s the first of 160 wind tower base components to be delivered,” said Brian McEvoy, Project Director at Coopers Gap Wind Farm.

“This section is the heaviest component of the tower and I’m pleased to see it was delivered safely and without any incidents.

“We are midway through the construction phase and will be receiving these deliveries more frequently going forward.”

These tower components travel on specially adapted transport frames known as “clam shell” or “book end” trailers, due to its large size.

They’re transported to site via an alternative route to the smaller 3.6 MW tower components, utilising the Brisbane Valley Way.

The Coopers Gap Wind Farm, which will be operated by AGL, is the second greenfield project developed by the Powering Australian Renewables Fund (PARF).

Once complete, Coopers Gap Wind Farm will have a capacity of 453 MW and produce around 1,510,000 MWh of renewable energy – powering approximately 264,000 average Australian homes.