It’s only a few more days until big and little kids alike will be biting into delicious Easter eggs. We all know about (and expect) the increased energy that comes with eating chocolate, but have you ever thought about the amount of energy it takes to make it? It takes a lot of cooling to keep Easter eggs at the perfect eating temperature. That’s why Heritage Fine Chocolates (now Darrell Lea Chocolates), have installed AGL solar panels at their Rowville factory - reducing their energy costs and emissions.

We installed a 99.75 kilowatt system on the roof of the company's Melbourne factory, with the 350 panels taking up around 10% of the factory's roof space and generating approximately 123 megawatt hours of electricity per year – enough to power about 25 average Victorian households.

Michael Simons is the Managing Director of Heritage Fine Chocolates and says going solar was the right move for them.

“We were inspired by the ability to be able to give something back to the environment and actually reduce our impact on the environment,” Mr Simons said.

Minimising their electricity costs while reducing their impact on the environment – now that’s a sweet deal! Watch the video to find out more about this ‘egg-citing’ endeavour:

Hear from Michael Simons, Heritage Fine Foods (now Darrell Leas Chocolates)

Did you know that we’ve also helped other local organisations and communities benefit from using solar power? Take a look at how AGL helped the McLaren Vale District War Memorial Hospital provide additional services to its patients by freeing up funding for other projects.

With so much clean energy being produced across Australia this Easter, enjoying a chocolatey Easter treat has never felt so good.