AGL Submission to the National Hydrogen Strategy Taskforce’s Request for Input

The COAG Energy Council established the Hydrogen Working Group to develop a national strategy to build a clean, innovative and competitive hydrogen industry and position Australia’s hydrogen industry as a major global player by 2030. Chaired by Australia’s Chief Scientist, the working group is developing the national strategy and coordinating the approach to projects that support hydrogen industry development. As a part of this work program, the National Hydrogen Strategy Taskforce published a discussion paper and a request for input on challenges and opportunities for the development of hydrogen in Australia.

A copy of the Taskforce’s discussion paper is available here.

While the development of a hydrogen industry is in its early stages, hydrogen offers considerable opportunities as an alternative fuel source given it is universally abundant and has zero harmful emissions when used as a fuel. The development of a hydrogen industry in Australia therefore is a compelling opportunity to consider. AGL made a submission to the Taskforce’s request for input, which is available here.