We strive to make a positive social, economic and environmental contribution to the communities we work in.

As operators of the Silverton Wind Farm, we’re proud members of the community. The 200 MW Silverton Wind Farm project, is owned by the Powering Australian Renewables Fund, and on 27 February the last blade on the final turbine was installed.

We understand that when we operate in any community, we become a part of it and we think it’s important that we give back to our local communities.

What have been some of the benefits in the Silverton community?

  • Community fund – we established a community fund to help fund community projects.
  • Rooftop solar – we’re supplying 5kW solar PV for leaseholders and residences within 10 km of the Silverton Wind Farm. So far, we’ve provided solar panels to all eligible properties in the Silverton region and are working closely with property owners whose homes are not suited for solar on alternative benefits of equal value.
  • Water tanks – we’re supplying domestic water tanks to occupied residences within 10 km of the project to capture valuable rainwater for residential usage.
  • Improved local infrastructure – as part of works, some local infrastructure has been updated, this includes a contribution to mobile reception improvement works for the area.

How does AGL approach community engagement?

Our Community Engagement Policy guides the way we work with the community and is underpinned by the following commitments to:

  • Be proactive - we will engage with communities early and often, so that we understand and respond to their interests and concerns.
  • Be flexible and inclusive - we will offer a range of engagement opportunities that are tailored to the varying needs and preferences of the communities in which we operate.
  • Be transparent - we will act honestly and ethically in all our dealings with the communities in which we operate.
  • Support our employees and contractors to engage well - we will provide tools, peer support and training so our staff can deliver on our commitment.
  • Continuously improve our engagement - we will evaluate the effectiveness of our engagement and modify it as needed to ensure that our activities address community needs and expectations.

The Silverton Wind Farm will contain 58 wind turbines and it is expected to produce enough power for over 136,000 average Australian homes.