One of my team members recently asked me what I think the next big information technology challenge will be at AGL, and what I’d like to accelerate. My answer: data, data, data.

There’s no question data and analytics are critical for AGL’s success – in enabling growth opportunities, building trust and helping us respond to an industry that is always changing, where technology is transforming the way customers engage with us.

Improving the customer experience

It’s crucial that we capture and deliver reliable, consistent and timely data. And importantly – this information needs to be meaningful, transparent and accessible to customers so they can make informed decisions about their energy use and manage their applications, products and services. Otherwise we’re not providing any value to our customers.

Last year I shared some thoughts on The Hub about AGL’s three-year customer experience transformation program. Energy Insights – one of our signature experiences developed as part of this program – is a great example of using personalised data, analytics and insights to help customers manage their energy usage in real-time.

The Energy Insights platform uses smart meter data and algorithms to break down electricity usage to estimate how much is being used on heating, cooling, lighting, laundry, standby and more. This results in greater visibility of electricity usage, offering customers control over their costs. We now have more than 314,000 people using Energy Insights, which tells us that customers are looking for this transparency and control.

As the ‘Internet of Things’ expands, these digital tools and channels have the potential to provide even more insights to customers.

A united approach to data

Late last year, we created a Data Council – made up of leaders from across our business – to improve AGL’s data and analytics capability and align investments in data projects and initiatives.

Through the council, we hope to bring a data-driven lens to everything we do at AGL, to ensure we’re making the right decisions at the right time for the benefit of our customers and the community.