AGL support consumer experience testing for consumer data right

AGL recently provided a submission to CSIRO’s Data61 report for the Consumer Experience under the Consumer Data Right (CDR).

Data61 has been appointed as the Consumer Data Standards team to develop standards for the CDR. In February they released their Consumer Experience report which assessed the way consumers across a diverse audience would engage with the digital elements of the CDR in banking. This includes the type of language and information that the banking industry should use to encourage consumer confidence and trust in the system.

AGL supports the findings in the report and the focus on making CDR accessible and more understandable for consumers. While this report focuses on the consumer experience under the banking regime, it provides useful insights for decision-makers and industries about how to ensure the CDR is made fit-for-purpose and assists and protects consumers wanting to manage and direct their data.

We continue to note concerns with the proposed implementation of energy CDR in early 2020 and encourage decision makers to review the various work programs and their scope before committing to a particular timeframe.

Our submission is available here.