Last week, AGL announced a $25 million investment to boost generation at our Loy Yang Power Station, without increasing coal consumption or emissions.

Once complete, this project will increase capacity at AGL Loy Yang by 15 MW, helping shore-up supply in the National Energy Market (NEM), during times of peak demand.

How are we doing it?

The investment involves the replacement of two low-pressure turbines and five feedwater heaters in Unit 2. This work will be carried out during planned maintenance on Unit 2 with no increase in the length of the outage.

The additional 15 MW upgrade will bring AGL Loy Yang’s total capacity to 2,225 MW, with work scheduled for completion at the end of next year.

The project will create up to 100 jobs for contractors and sub-contractors, many of whom are from the Gippsland area, including former workers from the Hazelwood power station which closed unexpectedly in 2017. These jobs are additional to AGL Loy Yang staff who are involved in these projects.

This investment in Loy Yang is consistent with our strategy of maximising the value of existing assets, while pursuing growth through new projects.

How will this help?

The project ensures AGL Loy Yang remains a safe, reliable and competitive supplier to the NEM over its remaining life.

The additional 15 MW capacity, is enough to power 15,000 homes and by increasing capacity, AGL is able to shore-up supply during times of peak demand such as the recent once-in-a decade heat wave.

Five fast facts

  • AGL is investing $25 million dollars in increasing the capacity of our Loy Yang Power Station by 15 MW.
  • This 15 MW upgrade is enough to power 15,000 homes.
  • This efficiency upgrade will not result in increased coal consumption or emissions.
  • The upgrade project will create up to 100 jobs in the Gippsland area.
  • The work involved is scheduled for completion at the end of next year.